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Monday, May 20, 2013

ARC's June Exhibition

ARC's June exhibition features the work of Rudy Gonzalez.

Exhibition dates
May 29, 2013 through June 22, 2013
Join us for our Opening
Friday, May 31 from 6-9 pm

The Artwork of Rudy Gonzalez is a thoughtful balance of traditional graphic design fused with expressive influences of popular culture and graphite art. Gonzalez work can be more broadly categorized as collage, mixing acrylic painting techniques and imagery manipulated through print media. The imagery is often figurative, taken from a collection of printed resources and symbols, which provide a kind of narrative.

The narrative aspect of the work is situated around metaphor which allows the viewer freedom to engage the emotional and psychological interpretation of the work from various angles. The subjects might seem aggressive or confrontational, but Gonzalez’ work is more about questioning the power of imagery and how it can be manipulated in our media driven society.

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