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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Twisted Homage

Mirjana Ugrinov’s Homage is a series of brilliantly colored, undulant curves suspended from the ceiling. Rolling and collapsing in on themselves, the pieces are like three triumphant flags - waving in tribute to colorist masters Ellsworth Kelly and Henri Matisse.

Ugrinov took an element of Kelly’s design - irregular forms that seem to float and animate his pieces - and reinterpreted it in three dimensions. She did the same thing with Matisse’s La Gerbe; capturing the vitality of his colorful cut-out shapes in a fluid 3 dimensional design, full of movement. Ugrinov makes clever use of the simple, rectangular shape of canvas. By curling the forms she reveals secret crevices and casts shadows - poetically referencing the way the genius of our idols can both inspire and elude us.

The flags are still there until October 29th

By Rachel Brown

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